Taking Cramp Seriously

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Please contact your GP or Pharmacist for alternative treatment options for night cramps.

Crampex Reviews

Jayne Foster (Ledbury, Herefordshire)

I remember waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating pains in my legs from the age of about 10. I would jump out of bed shouting and hopping around on one leg until the pain subsided. My parents just put it down to growing pains and the doctor said I would eventually grow out of them....I didn't. It wasn't until I met my current partner that it occurred to me that there could be something up. A few nights after he moved in it happened for the first time and I woke him up by leaping out of bed.

The very next day he marched me down to the pharmacy where the lady behind the counter explained that I was probably suffering from nocturnal cramp which could be caused by a lack of calcium. I got it checked out by my GP who concurred. I visited my local pharmacist for an over-the-counter remedy that would help my night cramps.

Now I take two Crampex tablets about half an hour before bed and my cramps have virtually stopped and I feel so much better for a good night's sleep - I wish I had discovered it years before!

Crampex review
Crampex review

Edward Howard (Reading, Berkshire)

I used to get nocturnal cramps almost every night. I would jump out of bed in the middle of the night and be in agonising pain. I'd hop to the bathroom and wrap a cold wet towel around my leg until eventually the cramp eased.

My sleep being interrupted every night was really getting me down and my performance at work was suffering. I had to start sleeping in a different bed from my wife as I was waking her up every night too. I discovered Crampex at my local pharmacy. Since taking Crampex I don't suffer with cramp at night anymore. Having consistently good sleep at night has made me feel like a new man. I can't believe I put off getting it sorted for so long.

Annie Davis (Burgess Hill)

About 18 months ago I started to be awoken regularly during the night with excruciating night cramp. Often it was both of my calves cramping at the same time, and not just in one leg - not pleasant at all. I tried a number of preventive measures; including more salt in my diet, drinking lots more water and eating more bananas - but none of these things seemed to help at all. It was only a couple of months later that I realised they seemed to happen mostly after working out or running, which shocked me as I thought exercise was supposed to be good for you! I decided to include some extra leg stretches post-workout and up my water intake, which helped significantly but did not stop the night cramps completely. My Aunt told me about Crampex, which I found really helpful as they halted the cramps completely. I now take them as a preventive measure, as and when I need them.

Crampex review
Crampex review

Jo Gill (Uckfield)

I can honestly say that night cramps made my life rather unpleasant, due to a rare reaction that I experienced which left me unable to walk for a week. It all started when playing with my kids in an adventure playground - I went on a zip-line and upon landing my right leg felt like it was on fire with the calf muscle spasming violently. My leg was in so much pain that I couldn't actually walk, or even stretch out my leg, and had to hop home. Over the next couple of days the bruising went black and actually spread across my leg, so I went to the doctor. He explained the bruising was blood clots caused by a rare reaction to the cramp and there was nothing to do to help it along, bar resting up and waiting for the blood to disperse. As a result of this one off incident I was regularly woken in the middle of the night with painful cramp. The sleep deprivation was driving me mad, so I spoke with my doctor again who thought it may be happening due to a calcium deficiency, so recommended milk before bed, which did not help at all! A friend one day noticed how shattered I looked and recommended trying Crampex - night cramp is now happily a thing of the past!

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